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Thangles Intro Pack

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Intro Project Pack

This Pack contains two easy projects, a table runner
and a baby quilt. It has a full pack of 2" finished
Thangles which is enough to make both projects.  

This pack was designed with the beginning quilter
in mind.  You can make the table runner first.  
With this project, you learn to make Thangles and
in the process you create a nice table runner.  You
do not have to sew really accurate 1/4" seam
allowances so this gives you a chance to learn and
develop an accurate seam allowance.  The runner
finishes to 16" x 42".

The baby quilt has a simple block where it will be
important to sew your seams accurately, but by the
time you finish this project, you will have plenty of
practice!   The baby quilt finishes to 40" x 48"

Experienced quilters love this pack too.  Both
projects are attractive and quick to make.