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Tropical Fruit and Nut

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The style of Hawaiian Quilt which is made up of a collection of smaller blocks is called "poho poho" (meaning: patched). Here is our Tropical Floral collection of block patterns. Very versatile, they can be used individually in pillows, placemats, tote bags, or wall hangings; or collectively in a poho poho quilt, or Baltimore album-style quilt.

Tropical Floral has six 21" blocks. Anthurium, Kukui, Pineapple, Maile, Hibiscus and Bird of Paradise

All six blocks make into a 62" x 41" Quilt without sashing.

Learn just how easy it is to make your own Hawaiian quilt from one of the best. With Hawaiian Quilting with Nancy Lee Chong you will learn Nancy's stress-free approach to needleturn applique and hand quilting while making your Hawaiian quilt.